Planetary Correspondences

SUN Energy, healing, friendship, promotions, magickal power yellow,orange, gold Sunday
MOON Psychic workings, love magick, healing, dreams white, silver Monday
MERCURY Intelligence, travel, divination yellow Wednesday
VENUS Love, healing, partnerships, money green, pink Friday
EARTH Earth magick, healing the Earth, honouring the Earth, grounding, stability, wealth. green, brown Friday
MARS Energy, physical strength, competitions, lust, sex red Tuesday
JUPITER Riches, luck, money, expansion, legal matters deep blue, purple, violet Thursday
SATURN Studying past lives, banishing sickness, banishing negativity and pests black, blue, brown Saturday
URANUS Illumination, wisdom, learning, faith, caution, self preservation, initiations. purple, blue, green Saturday
NEPTUNE The sea, courage, change, victory, mercy, liberation, psychic abilities, dreams, intuition, empathy, divination, conquering addictions. green Thursday
PLUTO Applying knowledge, overcoming evil, alleviating depression, revealing secrets, finding lost items, astral travel, the astral realms, regeneration, death and rebirth, sex, sensuality, conquering obsession. black, white, dark red.Tuesday
CHIRON Career, employment, chakra work, dream work, healing, learning, teaching, grounding, memory, children, large wild animals. orange

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