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A stunning Marble Egg

Size: approx 7cm tall. (2 3/4 inches)

Each marble egg is unique. The photo shows the actual egg you will receive.

Healing and metaphysical properties of egg-shaped stones

Egg shaped stones project the energy of the stone in a universal and widely dispersed way, making it easier for one to access the energy of the stone.

Egg shaped stones are an excellent aid to meditation and can be used to detect and rebalance energies in the body.

The pointed end can also be used as a tool for reflexology or for applying acupressure.

Marble relieves stress and helps one to become very focussed and clear. It aids concentration, enabling one to accomplish tasks and complete projects.

Marble helps bring creative solutions to problems and gives one a new perspective on difficult situations. It aids transformation and can help change or reduce discontentment.

It enhances the development of children, alleviates allergies and is said to strengthen the kidneys and spleen.

Fossils are the remains of prehistoric animals and plants that have been transformed into stone. They are used by shamans throughout the world to amplify energy and can be placed on the altar to increase the power of any magickal ritual. Fossils are frequently worn or carried to increase one's natural defences and to extend one's life expectancy. In general, fossils are used as protective amulets and can assist in past life recall.

BLACK focusses ones's energy in a refined manner.
DARK BROWN focusses one's attention on issues related to the home.
LIGHT BROWN helps one to remain physically balanced.
WHITE promotes peace, purity and protection. It enhances understanding and freedom.
ORANGE promotes personal power, increases self esteem, stimulates creativity, intellect and adaptability.
GREEN attracts money, prosperity and wealth. Promotes growth, fertility, balance and change.
GREY increases stability improves relationships and aids healing.

This beautiful Marble Egg will be sent to you charged with beautiful healing Reiki energy.

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