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A 10ml bottle of Saturn Planetary Magickal Oil.
In astrology and planetary magick Saturn is associated with self discipline, studying past lives and also with healing and banishing illnesses. Saturn represents the power of manifestation, bringing ideas into reality.
In Mythology Saturn is the Roman God of agriculture and the founder of civilization. His Greek counterpart is Chronos, the God of the harvest.
Our Saturn Planetary Magickal Oil is hand blended from herbs and oils known for their traditional associations with honouring Saturn and can be used in magick spells and rituals to bring out Saturn's positive astrological and planetary aspects. These include discipline, practicality, responsibility, ambition, career, long-term planning, authority and the very structures that hold together society and civilization. Saturn governs a person’s sense of duty. It is also known to be very cleansing and healing, perfect for consecrating sacred objects and magickal tools. Use the power of Saturn to find discipline to complete a personal challenge or to bring order and structure to your life when you have chaos.

Saturn's orbit of just over 29 years is known in horoscopes as the Saturn Return, a powerful event said to mark significant events in each person’s life and a great time for personal growth and learning.

Saturn is associated with the root and crown chakras, the zodiacal Sign of Capricorn and the the element of Earth. It's day of the week is Saturday (which literally means Saturn Day).

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