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A set of 7 engraved oval shaped chakra healing stones supplied with pouch and instructions for use.
The appropriate chakra symbol is engraved in gold on each of the stones.
Stones vary in size from approx 3.0 - 3.5cm

The Chakras are the vital energy centres that exist within the human aura. They help absorb energy and vitality from the sun and the earth, transform it and pass it into the physical body. The flow of this energy in our bodies affects our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual functions and wellbeing. In daily life, our Chakras, can often become overworked, imbalanced or even blocked causing a lack of vitality and ill health. Crystals can be used to activate, energise and rebalance our chakra centres. Chakra balancing is essential to enable the energy centres of the Chakras to work together in harmony allowing their combined energies to lead the individual upwards towards their highest awareness.
The word "Chakra" means a wheel in Sanskrit and these vital energy centres may be seen as wheels or vortices of force.
If you are not feeling well, or suffering from chronic illnesses, it could indicate a blocked chakra.
Meditating with Chakra Stones can help clear and balance your Chakras Chakra Stones

The 7 Major Chakras


Chakra Associated with Colours Gemstones
CrownCrown Chakra Area of spiritual opening, centre of spirituality and enlightenment. Wisdom, cosmic consciousness. Connection with the divine (goddess/god/universe) Violet Amethyst
Third EyeThird Eye Chakra Psychic ability, intuition, higher self, channelling, guidance.
The eyes, face, brain, lymphatic and endocrine system
Indigo Blue Aventurine
Thyroid Thyroid Chakra Communication, expression of creativity, speech, writing, change, transformation and healing.
The thyroid gland, throat, neck, teeth and ears.
Blue Lapis Lazuli
Heart Heart Chakra Love, compassion, sprituality. Ability to love oneself and others, give and receive love.
The heart, lungs, circulatory system, shoulders, and upper back.
Green, pink Green Aventurine
Solar Plexus Solar Plexus Chakra The ego, personal power, passions, impulses, anger, strength. The centre for astral travel, psychic development, receptivity of spirit guides,
The pancreas, stomach, liver, gall bladder and small intestine.
Yellow Yellow Aventurine
Sacral Sacral Chakra Emotions, self-worth, confidence, creativity, sexual energy.
The adrenal glands
Orange Orange Aventurine
Base (Root) Base Chakra Basic needs for survival, security, safety. Centre of manifestation, material possessions, business. Grounding.
The reproductive organs
Red Red Jasper

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