How To Cleanse Your Crystals

Crystals are affected by the energies surrounding them. On their way to you, your crystals will have acquired many energies, some positive and some negative.

Your crystals will need to be cleansed before using for the first time and on a regular basis depending upon their use. Crystals used for healing should be always be cleansed before and after using.

Crystals respond to thoughts and feelings - especially love - so ensure that you program your crystal when you yourself are in a positive frame of mind.

There is not a person in the world who does not experience negative feelings from time to time. You may be unwell, feel depressed, angry or just unhappy. Your crystal will absorb some of this negativity and will need to be recleansed. it is recommended that you cleanse your crystals two to three weeks.

Crystal Cleansing - Incense Method

Burn Crystal Purification Incense and hold your crystal in the smoke for 20-30 seconds to cleanse it.

Crystal Cleansing - Salt Water Method

Put two to three teaspoons of sea salt or rock salt (available from any health food store and most supermarkets) into four to six pints of warm water. The container should be made of glass, china, pottery etc. but NOT plastic. When the salt has dissolved, soak your crystal in the salt water for 36 to 72 hours. Don't put your crystal into hot water as this may damage it. If you can get sea water, use this instead.

Remove your crystal, rinse in cold water and leave it to dry naturally, in sunlight if possible - as the sun's abundant energy serves to enhance the energies naturally present in your crystal.

Crystal Cleansing - Running Water Method

Hold the crystal under running water and let the water flow over it. Tap water is OK - but if you can use fresh flowing water from a stream, so much the better!

DO NOT use hot water as the crystal may crack.

Also be very careful not to drop your crystal - especially if it is small (you could hold something underneath e.g. a sieve, to catch it if you accidentally drop a crystal).

It is very important that you hold the crystal while cleansing it as this helps to establish the bond between you.

Leave the crystal to dry naturally, in sunlight if possible - as the sun's abundant energy serves to enhance the energies naturally present in your crystal.

Some crystals (e.g. Lepidolite) are damaged by water. Don't use this method for these crystals.

Crystal Cleansing - Earth Method

Bury the crystal in the ground for a week or so and then check that it has been cleansed of it's negative energies. If not, bury it again for a few days until the process is completed. When you feel that it has been effectively cleansed, wipe or wash off any remaining earth and your crystal will be ready for use again.

Make sure when you bury your crystal that you can easily find it again. It may help to mark the spot with a flowerpot or other item. Be sure to choose a place where you can be sure it will not be disturbed.

Take extra care with small crystals to ensure that you can find them again.

Crystal Cleansing - Sunlight Method

Place the crystal in direct sunlight where the Sun's rays will burn away the unwanted negative energies. An inside window sill won't do, as the glass will absorb some of the Sun's rays. Remove the crystal as soon as it begins to get dark.

Repeat daily for up to a week.

Sometimes your crystal will be thoroughly cleansed after only one day. Check it daily by holding it in your receptive hand (the left hand if you are right handed) and sense it's energies.

If any negative energies remain, place the crystal in sunlight for another day. If it has absorbed a lot of negative energies you may need to do this for several days in a row.
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