How to use Witches Black Salt


What is Witches Black Salt?

Black Salt or Witches Salt, also known as Santeria Salt, Drive-Away Salt, Protection Salt, Ritual Salt or Hoodoo Salt, is used in magick and rituals by Pagans, Wiccans, Hoodoo pactitioners, people who practice witchcraft and those who want a little psychic or spiritual help for its powerful protective elements. With it's great power and versatility Witches Black Salt is considered a 'must have' essential in ritual and defensive magick and spell casting.

Please note this is Ritual Black Salt and is not to be eaten. The type of black salt used in cooking is quite different.

What are the Magickal Properties of Witches Black Salt?

Witches regularly use Black Salt for a great many of their spells and rituals. It is traditionally used to clean and purify and to banish negativity, whether physical or negative energies. You can use Black Salt for protection, banishing, driving away evil, getting rid of unwanted guests or unwelcome spirits, curse breaking, unhexing, purification, cleansing, grounding, defensive magick, bindings and all Dark Moon rituals, to charge scrying mirrors and for casting protective circles. There's an old folk saying "Salt does what you tell it to". It's a great all round protection for yourself, your home and your family and protects from jealousy, anger, resentment and other negative emotions. It also helps to prevent nightmares.

Eloise Kirlan's Witches Black Salt.

Our Witches Black Salt is especially blended for us by Eloise Kirlan deep in the wild and magickal Welsh mountains. She Hand blends it from Himalayan rock salt, charcoal, ashes from burning traditional magickal herbs and essential oils and then empowers it with intent for use in protection, banishing, change and purification.
Salt has very powerful magickal properties and can be blended and empowered in many ways for different uses, however the table salt you find in supermarkets has been treated with iodine so is impure for ritual use.

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Should I use coarse or fine ground Witches Black Salt?

Our Witches Black Salt is available in both coarse or fine ground salt. Which one you choose to use is largely a matter of personal preference, but you may find one suits your purpose better on a practical level. Coarse salt is easier to sprinkle outdoors as it won't blow away as easily as fine salt. The large crystals of coarse salt are also easier to clean up if sprinkling around your altar. Some find the larger grains also look more visually pleasing and magickal than the fine salt, the crystals drawing you in, helping with meditation and visualisation. Fine salt (a similar powder texture as in table salt) is good for sprinkling to draw lines or circles. It can also be used more discreetly as just using a tiny amount can barely be seen.

How to use Witches Black Salt.

Salt magic is very powerful and Witches Black Salt is a highly versatile tool and a must for any altar during ritual and spell work. Be careful though as Witches Black Salt can be messy and can stain.

Here's a few magickal and ritual uses:

  • Banish negativity by walking counterclockwise around the boundaries of your property, sprinkling a thin line of Black Salt.

  • Ward off evil by sprinkling a thin line of Black Salt outside all the doors and windows of your home. If there is a particular person that you wish to keep out of your home, say their name and the reason you wish to keep them out.

  • Add a pinch to floor washes before use to drive negativity and unwanted spirits out of your home. A pinch of Witches Black Salt to half a bucket of floor wash is all you need. If you use more, you risk turning the water grey or black and you might stain your floors. Always wash towards the door so that negativity goes out the door

  • To prevent nightmares, place a little Witches Black Salt in a dish or small pouch beside your bed or place the dish or pouch underneath your bed. Alternatively, sprinkle a little Witches Black Salt underneath your bed.

  • Sprinkle a little Witches Black Salt on possessions that have negative memories or negative energies attached to them.

  • Sprinkle a little Witches Black Salt on crystals and magickal items to cleanse and consecrate them.

  • Write your problem(s) or anything else you want to get rid of on a piece of paper (preferably in black ink). Wrap the paper around some Witches Black Salt and cast it into a fire. Don't use the ashes for any other ritual use.

  • Hide a small bag of Witches Black Salt in your home or place of work to absorb anger, jealousy, and other negative emotions. Place the bag where it is unlikely to be accidentally found e.g. securely tape the bag under a desk or table. Remember to replace with fresh Witches Black Salt regularly (about once a month, more often if there is a lot of negativity about). The used Black Salt should be disposed of as soon as possible.

  • To get rid of unwanted guests. Carefully sprinkle a tiny pinch of Witches Black Salt behind an unwanted guest will cause them to leave your house. Caution! Do this very carefully and discretely. Do not let your guests see you do this. Also, use only a tiny amount of Witches Black Salt - you shouldn't use enough for your guests to actually see the Black Salt on the floor. The Witches Black Salt on the floor should be either not visible at all or easily mistaken for ordinary dirt or dust.

  • When an unwanted visitor is leaving your home, sprinkle a little Witches Black Salt in their footsteps to prevent them from returning. As you do this, say their name and state the reason you do not want them to return.

  • To make an enemy to want to leave, sprinkle a little Witches Black Salt in their garden or footsteps. Take care not to be seen!

  • Witches Black Salt is excellent for casting a protective circle, but use with care as it will stain almost anything and can be messy.

  • Add half to one teaspoon of Witches Black Salt to bath water to cleanse yourself of negativity, anger, relieve depression etc. Wash yourself from the top downwards. Clean the bath afterwards to wash away any residue and negativity.

  • Add a little Witches Black Salt to mojo bags or spell jars for protection/curse removal/hex removal.

  • When making a charm or mojo bag for any positive purpose, add a pinch of Witches Black Salt to deflect any negativity, curses, jealousy or resentment that may come about from your good fortune.

  • Place a small bowl of Black Salt on your altar to represent the Earth element for New Moon rituals.

  • Use in Samhain rituals or in rituals involving spirits or ancestors.


This Witches Black Salt contains charcoal, essential oils and ashes. It is a powerful magickal tool. It is not to be used in food!

Use With Care

Use Witches Black Salt with caution - especially when using indoors. Witches Black Salt can be messy and if not careful, will stain floors, furniture, clothing, textiles etc. Clean floor, furniture and textiles with a dustpan and brush as thoroughly as possible. Then dispose of carefully as described below.

Only use water to clean it up if really necessary. It could be messy! Take care when using or disposing of Witches Black Salt outdoors. A pinch won't do any harm but larger quantities of salt can kill grass, plants and wildlife, including insects. If burying more than a pinch, choose a barren area where there is no plant or animal life.

Disposal of Magickal Salts

The spell isn't over until you've cleaned up afterwards and disposed of the used Witches Black Salt. It will have absorbed a lot of negative energy including jealousy, anger, moodiness, resentment, depression, fear, maybe even curses and hexes. Once you've used your Witches Black Salt in a spell, ritual or simply to absorb negativity, you need to dispose of it properly. Use one of the following methods:

  • Bury it in the earth - away from your home (or anyone else's). Some people like to bury it at a crossroads.

  • Cast it into the wind - make sure the wind is blowing the salt away from you and from your home! If there isn't enough wind, carefully blow the salt away from you and away from your home.

  • Throw it into running water, a river or a stream or the sea.

  • Flush it down the toilet and just for good measure, flush again.

    Take care when using or disposing of Witches Black Salt outdoors. A pinch won't do any harm but larger quantities of salt can kill grass, plants and wildlife, including insects. If burying more than a pinch, choose a barren area where there is no plant or animal life.

    Please Note

    Witches Black Salt is a powerful magickal tool. Like any other power tool (e.g. electric drill, food processor etc..) results are dependent upon the person using it, so results cannot be guaranteed.

    Legal Disclaimer: Please note we are required by law to state that our magickal items are sold as novelty items only.

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