How to use Witches Ritual Salts


What is Witches Ritual Salt?

Salt has been used for centuries in magick by many cultures and belief systems around the world and is still in common use today in everyday European witchcraft and spellcasting, Buddhism and Japanese Shinto and by those who want a little psychic or spiritual help. It is believed to have enormously magickal properties in cleansing and removing negative energy, hence it's widespread uses for all kinds of purifying and protective magick and rituals. With it's great power and versatility Ritual or Altar Salt is considered a 'must have' essential in ritual magick and spell casting.

Our Witches Ritual Salts are especially made for us by Eloise Kirlan deep in the wild and magickal Welsh mountains. She blends them by hand using ancient Himalayan rock salt with specially selected flowers and herbs traditionally used in witchcraft and known for their strong magickal properties. She adds natural oils relevant to each magickal need then charges the finished Ritual Salts with natural energies to give you a range of strong magick salts that look and smell absolutely wonderful, but more importantly are very powerfully charged and ready to be used in your own spell work.

Our Witches Ritual Salts are specifically created for different uses:

Use when doing magick or spells for abundance in money, happiness, success or to achieve "all good things".

Use for magick and spells associated with angels, guardian angels or the archangels.

Empowered for use in all types of attraction magick including attracting good luck, money, love, romance, affection and friendship.

Use in all types of business magick including business success, increasing turnover and attracting tips and gratuities. This is also helpful if tips and gratuities form a significant part of your job.

Curse Breaking
Use in spells for curse breaking and removing negativity.

Use in all kinds of divination rituals and magick including tarot, runes, crystal ball, pendulum dowsing, scrying, magic mirrors, water, fire, candles etc.

Use in magick spells where you wish to increase fertility and growth, whether in people, animals or plants.

Full Moon
Use in your lunar magic and rituals to enhance the power of the full moon.

Use in spells to bring or increase happiness in your life or the life of someone close to you.

Legal Matters
Use in magick for success in legal matters including court cases and contracts etc.

Use in all love spells and love, friendship and relationship magick and for improving existing relationships.

Use as a charm to protect yourself from bad luck and in your spells and magick to attract good luck in money, love, bingo, lottery, gambling, business etc.

Use in all types of money spells including attracting money, attracting wealth, improving finances, paying bills and clearing debts.

Use in protection, magick, spells and rituals to protect yourself, your home or your family.

Psychic Awareness
Use in your spells for enhancing your psychic awareness, psychic ability and intuition.

Psychic Protection
Use as protection against all forms of psychic attack and to strengthen your "psychic armour".

Use in all types of purification magick including Cleansing and Removing negative energy.

Use in your spells or magick to bring about or increase success in any endevour or project or in your life as a whole.

In addition to Eloise Kirlan's Witches Ritual Salts you may like to check out her Witches Black, Blue, Pink and Green Salts. You can find the full selection of Witches Ritual Salts HERE.

How to use Witches Ritual Salt.

Salt is very powerful in it's magickal abilities to cleanse and purify, protect against the negative and enhance the positive.

You can use your salt in these ways and more:

  • Place in a dish or bowl on your altar during rituals and spells.
  • Sprinkle a circle of Witches Ritual salt around a candle of the appropriate magickal colour.
  • Carry some with you when you need it in a small bag or twist of paper.
  • Sprinkle some where it's needed or position a small bag or saucer of Ritual Salt near you.
  • Use it as an aid in meditation.
  • Use for casting a circle or drawing magickal symbols during spell casting.
  • Sit or kneel infront of the salt and allow your mind to wander, smelling it's power and looking for meaning in the shapes of the grains and herbs.
  • Sprinkle onto talismans or possessions you want to charge with it's power or to cleanse and consecrate them.
  • Write your goals on a small piece of paper and fold into it some Witches Ritual Salt. Then cast it into natures power in a fire or into flowing water.
  • Place a small open dish of Witches Ritual Salt in your home or place of work to absorb damaging energies. Replace the salt every month (or more frequently if the negative influences are particularly strong).
  • Add a large spoonful or two of Witches Ritual Salt to your bathwater and focus on your goals while you soak.
  • Carry in a pouch or add to charm bottles, mojo bags or spell jars to help bring about your aims.
  • Use it alone or with other magickal items or as part of a ritual. You probably have your own ideas of how to use it - use your imagination!


Witches Ritual Salt is not to be eaten as it contains herbs, flowers, woods and essential oils carefully selected for their magickal properties. It is a powerful magickal tool. It is not to be used in food!

Disposal of Witches Ritual Salts

The spell isn't over until you've cleaned up afterwards and disposed of the used salt.
Depending on how you used it the Witches Ritual Salt may have absorbed some negative energies. You need to dispose of it properly. Use one of the following methods:

  • Bury it in the earth - away from your home (or anyone else's).

  • Cast it into the wind - make sure the wind is blowing the salt away from you and from your home! If there isn't enough wind, carefully blow the salt away from you and away from your home.

  • Throw it into running water, a river or a stream or the sea.

  • Flush it down the toilet.

  • If you've added it to a bath, then all you need to do is to clean the bath afterwards.

    Take care when using or disposing of any salt outdoors. A pinch won't do any harm but larger quantities of salt can kill grass, plants and wildlife, including insects. If burying more than a pinch, choose a barren area where there's no plant or animal life.

    Please Note

    Witches Ritual Salt is a powerful magickal tool. Like any other power tool (e.g. electric drill, food processor etc.) results are dependent upon the person using it, so results cannot be guaranteed.

    Legal Disclaimer: Please note we are required by law to state that our magickal items are sold as novelty items only.

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