Candle Colours

WHITE Protection, purification, peace, truth, sincerity
RED Protection, strength, health, vigour, lust, sex, passion, courage, exorcism
PINK Love, friendships, honour, morality
ORANGE Stimulation, attraction, adaptability
YELLOW Divination, confidence, study, intellect, attraction
GREEN Money, financial matters, prosperity, luck, employment, growth, fertility
LIME GREEN Money, prosperity, abundance, good luck, success, job hunting, peace
MINT GREEN Money, wealth, financial gain. For added power, burn a gold candle at the same time.
LIGHT BLUE Healing, happiness, tranquillity, patience
DARK BLUE Healing, psychic powers, the subconscious, flexibility, change
PURPLE Power, healing severe diseases, meditation, spirituality
VIOLET Self improvement, blessing, intuition, spiritual development, psychic growth
BROWN The home, working magick for animals, healing animals
GREY Neutrality
BLACK Absorbing and destroying negativity, banishing, healing severe diseases
GOLD For all solar workings and sun deities. Attraction, fast money, wealth, riches, winning, love, healing and rejuvenation, spiritual enlightenment, masculine energy, confidence, creativity, magickal power, magnetism, persuasion, cosmic influences, conscious mind, intelligence, happiness.
SILVER For all Moon Magick (especially the Full Moon), intuition, inspiration, feminine energy, love, fertility, purification, wealth, the unconscious mind, astral realms, psychic abilities, psychometry, clairvoyance, dreams, telepathy, communication, removing negativity.
If you don't have a candle of the appropriate colour, you can use a white candle instead. Do not substitute any other colour.
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