Crystal Healing

Gemstones and crystals have always been highly valued for their natural beauty, spiritual and healing properties.

Crystals were used for power and healing energies and divination by the Ancient Egyptians, the Aztecs, Incas and the Atlanteans.


You don't need to be an expert to cleanse and program a crystal.

It's really very simple and anyone can do it. No special knowledge or abilities are required, all that is needed are the intentions and desire to do so.

Crystals respond to thoughts and feelings - especially love - so ensure that you program your crystal when you yourself are in a positive frame of mind.

There is not a person in the world who does not experience negative feelings from time to time. You may be unwell, feel depressed, angry or just unhappy. Your crystal will absorb some of this negativity and will need to be recleansed. it is recommended that you perform one of the above cleansing procedures every two to three weeks.

Crystals are affected by the energies surrounding them. On their way to you, your crystals will have acquired many energies, some positive and some negative. Your crystals will need to be cleansed before using for the first time and on a regular basis depending upon their use. Crystals used for healing should be always be cleansed before and after using.


Find a place where you will not be disturbed and leave the phone off the hook. Sit in a comfortable chair and gently hold your crystal in your hands. Take a few moments to study your crystal. Get to know the shape and feel of it. Look carefully at it, noting every detail.

Hold your crystal at the level of the third eye. Concentrate on the energy link between the crystal and your third eye. When the energy link is established, will that the crystal is to be used for the purpose that you have chosen e.g. meditation, healing, stimulating intuition, enhancing psychic powers.

A crystal should be programmed for one specific purpose only. If you wish to use crystals for several different purposes, you will need to obtain a crystal for each and to use each crystal for its own specific purpose only.

How To Use Your Crystal

There are several methods of applying the healing properties of gemstones including:

Wearing the gemstone as a piece of jewellery

Hold the crystal in your hand or place it nearby while meditating.

Carrying it with you in a pocket or handbag etc.

Placing it beside your bed or on the floor pointing towards the bed while you sleep for self healing.

Take it to bed with you. Many people find that in the morning their crystal has moved alongside the part of the body in need of healing.

Place a crystal in the bathroom or kitchen.

A crystal placed on your desk at work will help to bring inspiration.

A crystal's energy field extends for about 3 metres so you will still receive its beneficial effects just by keeping it near you.


Crystal healing methods are very effective and in the hands of an experienced healer some quite impressive healings have taken place.

Crystal healing can be used to accelerate the healing process. It does not interfere in any way with conventional treatments and medicines. Crystal healing should NOT be used as a substitute for conventional medicines and treatments. Using both conventional medical care and crystal healing at the same time can achieve better results than either method used alone.

It cannot be overstressed that you should not use your crystals as a substitute for a balanced diet, exercise (appropriate to your state of health), regular and sufficient sleep.
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