Gemstones for the Day Of The Week

A method of choosing a gemstone which is growing in popularity is by association with the day of the week upon which you were born. Some people however, prefer to keep all seven stones and to use the appropriate gemstone for each day of the week.

The days of the week were named after the planets by the Ancient Egyptians. The Ancient Romans named the days of the week after the Sun, Moon and the five known planets: Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. Each day of the week was considered sacred to the god associated with it's planet. The names of the days of the week in many Latin based languages are derived from the Ancient Roman names. In English, Sunday and Monday are still named after the Sun and Moon but the remaining five days are named after Norse gods.

Sunday Sun Topaz
Monday Moon Pearl
Tuesday Mars Ruby
Wednesday Mercury Amethyst
Thursday Jupiter Sapphire
Friday Venus Carnelian
Saturday Saturn Turquoise

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