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    Angel size: approx 15mm (5/8 inch) X 20mm (7/8 inch),
    on a silver plated chain (450mm / 18 inches)

      Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass which formed from molten lava that cooled so fast that the minerals contained within it did not have time to crystallise. It is a naturally occurring glass.
      Midnight Lace Obsidian is a recently discovered new mineral found in the Caucasian Mountains (Armenia). It is highly desired for it's distinctive transparent and black layers - no two pieces are the same.
      Midnight Lace Obsidian has all the properties of normal Black Obsidian.
      Additionally, it is an excellent stone for etheric and psychic protection as it readily absorbs negativity.
      It is a very effective psychic shield and will need cleansing frequently.

        Midnight Lace Obsidian is believed to:
      • be a powerful grounding and protective stone,
      • helps to connect our Root chakra to our Earth Star chakra
      • aid meditation and spiritual work
      • readily absorb negativity and protects against any negativity attempting to attach to your aura
      • be an excellent stone for etheric and psychic protection
      • be an effective psychic shield
      • sharpen inner and outer vision,
      • help balance the mind, body and spirit, bringing peace and tranquility,
      • increases strength,
      • strengthen prophesy,
      • be an excellent scrying stone - the blackness of the stone allows easier access to the subconscious mind
      • protect against physical and emotional harm,
      • help in letting go of old loves and old ways,
      • help release buried negative emotions
      • help relieve old traumas,
      • restore harmony and balance into our lives
      • increases compassion,
      • help one to recognise unhealthy behaviour and addictive patterns and also learn from one's mistakes,
      • be beneficial to the skin, circulatory and skeletal systems,
      • relieve arthritis, cramps and injuries,

        Midnight Lace Obsidian is associated with:
      • Planet: Saturn
      • Element: Fire
      • Zodiac Signs: Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius & Capricorn
      • Chakra: Base (Root)

      Also available on an adjustable black boot lace necklace. For this, simply ask in the "Special Instructions or Comments About Your Order" box at checkout.
      (The price is the same)

      Please Note:
      The crystals in these pendants are natural products of the Earth so they may vary slightly in size, shape, markings and colour. No two stones are the same - that's part of their beauty, mystery and attraction. The crystal pendant you receive will be similar to the one in the photos.
      All photos are for guidance only.

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