White Sage Purifier Smudge Stick - 11cm (small)


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Size: approx 11cm. (4 3/8 inches)

Sage has for centuries been one of the most commonly used herbs in European magick, wicca and folk traditions. It is burnt or smudged to cleanse and purify a space or a group of people. If smudged before a magic ritual or coven meeting it's thought to sweep away negative energy, purify the air and create a clear, fresh and vibrantly energetic space, keeping away bad influences that might be attracted by the open circle.
Sage gets rid of negativity, drives out bad thoughts, worries and stress, is used for protection, exorcism and purification, and brings wisdom, clarity and increased spiritual awareness.
Sage smudge sticks are also often used by body workers and therapists before treatments.

This sage is Salvia Apiana and is ethically sourced from a sustainable supplier.

For instructions on how to use smudge sticks see our Information Pages.

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