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Debts and money problems can easily hit us and make us feel out of control. The five crystals in this set have been chosen for their widely believed properties in attracting and holding onto wealth and general success in all our financial matters.

Place your crystals in your pouch and keep them with you in your pocket or handbag as you go about your day, to feel the benefits of their powers.

They can also be placed around the home or your place of work.

A crystal's energy field extends for about three metres so you'll receive their beneficial effects just by having them near you.

    The Money Crystal Set contains:
  • 1 x Citrine tumblestone
  • 1 x Tree Agate tumblestone
  • 1 x Aventurine tumblestone
  • 1 x Pyrite cube
  • 1 x Tiger's Eye tumblestone
  • 1 x Organza Pouch
  • 1 x information card with instructions of how to use your gemstones to attract money and success in financial matters.
  • 5 x information cards, each describing the properties of one of the five crystals and how to use them.
Average size of crystals
approximately 18-30mm

Please Note:

These crystals are natural products of the Earth so they vary a lot in size, shape, markings and colour. No two stones are the same - that's part of their beauty, mystery and attraction. The crystals in these photos are therefore representative of those you will receive and you must expect some beautiful variation.
The crystals you receive will be randomly chosen.
The photos are representative of the crystals and not photos of the actual crystals you will receive. All photos are for guidance only.
The colour of the organza pouch may vary from that shown in the picture.

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