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Each Shiva Lingam stone is unique.
The one you see in the photos is the one you will receive.
The photos show a SINGLE Shiva Lingam Stone from different views.

Size: 70mm (2 3/4 inches) along longest side
33mm (1 1/4 inches) wide
Weight: 118g

Shiva Lingams are naturally occuring egg shaped stones, composed of crypto-crystalline quartz, found only at the Narmarda River in the mountains of Onkar Mandhata, one of India's seven sacred holy places of pilgrimage. This river is considered to be one of the most healing rivers on earth. They are collected and hand polished by villagers using methods in accordance with Vedic tradition. It is believed that the Shiva Lingam stones are already sacred when collected from the river and that this is enhanced during the polishing process. Shiva Lingams are believed to have formed after a meteorite collided with the earth approximately 14 million years ago. The heat and power of the impact fused the local stones together with the meteorite material. These newly formed stones were then polished by the river and took on their distinctive shape.

Shiva Lingams are composed of cryptocrystalline quartz plus minerals and impurities acquired from the river during their formation. Cryptocrystalline quartz is a type of quartz where the crystals are too small to be seen with the naked eye. Other cryptocrystalline quartzes include agate, carnelian, chalcedony, onyx and jasper.

The Shiva Lingam stone is considered to be a devotional symbol of the Hindu God Lord Shiva. The markings on a Shiva Lingam stone are said to be symbolic of the marks on Lord Shiva's forehead.

Historically, the Lingam was a Hindu symbol representing Divine Energy - the universal creative energy or the primordial energy from which all things originate.

In Tantra, the shape of the Shiva Lingam stone represents the male energy, dynamic expression and knowledge. The markings (Yoni) represent female energy, intuition and wisdom. The feminine energy arouses the male urge to create.

    Known as the "Fertility Stone", it is claimed that Shiva Lingams:
  • increase fertility,
  • increase male sexual power, potency and endurance
  • are energising
  • increase vitality
  • relieve menopausal symptoms
  • relieve menstrual cramps
  • relieve prostate disorders
  • assists meditation
  • aid relaxation and sleep
  • help to centre, balance and charge the chakras, especially the heart chakra.
  • have the highest vibration of any stones found on earth.
  • vibrations from this stone are said to have a purifying effect on your home or your sacred space and are often placed on altars to purify the area
  • aids communication with your higher self.

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